People should not have Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) orders against their wishes

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Gordon Alvare, who is a beloved father to his only son and passionately contributed to society as an experienced social worker, is now seeking your help.

He was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease before 2006.  He was aware of his prognosis, and his expressed living will is to be resuscitated, including CPR and a breathing tube, when he needs it to live.  He is a fighter who did his best to help others and would like every chance to live longer so he can be with his family.

Now, Gordon is in the hospital due to aspiration pneumonia. His doctors are refusing to do CPR and even placed a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order on him against the wishes of him and his family.  The doctors are calling his care futile; meanwhile, Gordon is awake, getting better, calling his son's name, interacting with his family and friends, and expressing joy in living as well as his desire to continue living!

Gordon Alvare needs your help.  His values and wishes are completely ignored by his doctors.  His only son and other family members asking for Gordon to be able to receive access to a breathing tube if he needs it, and that his care providers will provide him at least 15 minutes of CPR if his heart stops.

Furthermore, Gordon's situation is not unique.  We have met with other people who have similar stories of either being forced or coerced to have DNR orders placed on them or their family members.  If we don't stand up now, we may all risk one day being in Gordon's shoes!  Shouldn’t it be our own choice whether we want a DNR order or not?

Why should we be forced to give up our lives early against our wishes?

Everyone deserves the choice whether they wish to have resuscitation or not.  Gordon wants resuscitation, but his choice, values, and wishes are all being ignored by his present doctors and St. Boniface Hospital.  Also, this forced DNR order may even follow Gordon after he is discharged from hospital.  Gordon deserves a fair chance to live.

Please sign this petition to remove the unwanted DNR order, and make Gordon Alvare full-resuscitation status "ACP-R" again (including CPR and a breathing tube).

Thank you in advance.