St Andrews: Reconsider your stance of discrimination against LGBTIQA+ Staff and Students.

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Following other concerned Alumni in the community we’d like to gather the St Andrew’s Alumni to spread the message. 

St Andrew’s Cathedral School is a CBD based Anglican private school welcoming students from over 200 postcodes to learn and grow from Kindergarten to year 12.

At its core values St Andrew’s purports to
- Exercise godly virtues such as grace, integrity and justice
- Emphasis the worth of each person, individually and in community
- Strive to grow whole people (spiritually, intellectually, physically, in creative expression and wisdom.

As Alumni, Learning ‘our’ school, that we have such fond memories and a sense of community towards – have signed an Open Letter to all members of parliament of Australia to openly allow the discrimination against LGBTIQA+ Members of the community disappoints and concerns us. The potential for the inherent community minded attitude and leading pastoral care that we remember St Andrew’s for could be lost would be a true injustice. St Andrew’s as an accepting community, as we remember, thrived on being open minded, accepting and fostering a unique relationship between student and teacher which undoubtedly shaped mature, free thinking members of the world which we are today.

At it’s heart, accepting girls into the St Andrew’s community over the last 15+ years was a progressive act that made the school standout for its normative environment that prepared its students for the ‘real’ world. This in itself helped to foster a environment of equal opportunity, respect and acceptance. To veer away from that would not only be utterly hypocritical but a mistake.

We implore Dr Collier not to lose sight of the very values that make St Andrew’s an accepting and thriving community and withdraw its public support for those discriminative exemptions. St Andrew’s at the very least should be an institution that makes all to whom it owes a duty of care feel welcomed and loved.