Allow a permanent and stable bench at St. Albans town hall for the disabled and elderly

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My grandmother has been petitioning since 2012 to allow for a permanent bench to be placed outside of what was then the St. Albans city hall - now the St. Albans museum. She received, from the council, continued assurances over the years that this lack of accessible seating would be rectified, until 2019. After the renovation of the town hall into the museum, she was told that a bench could not be erected due to the need to keep the space open for official events, and so as not to get in the way of the market. The solution offered instead was that She, and other disabled and elderly people, should make use of the temporary seating of the cafe.  

The issues with this response and solution are as follows. Upon speaking to some of the market vendors, my gran received confirmation that a stable, permanent bench would not get in the way of the market from the seller’s point of view. Additionally, one may argue that by providing stable seating, the council would make official events more accessible to the community. Finally, the recommended solution of using the temporary seating of the cafe is dangerous as the seating is clearly flimsy, and not stable enough to be used as support when people such as my grandma need to stand up safely.  

With respect, the solution supplied is unsatisfactory and dangerous. By adding a bench - which will not cause the issues suggested by the council - St. Albans will become a more accessible town for those elderly and disabled people who live here.