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Open Night Star!

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Hello everyone!

From what I've noticed, Night Star has been closed a lot recently - over two months in fact! A lot of people have moved their alts off of Night Star or even their main account to start anew, make room for others, or meet their friends on other servers. However, with Night Star remaining locked, no one is able to return.

Even large YouTubers have moved off because of the server being closed, and even if the server itself is laggy - lots of people have moved off in order to reopen the server once again. SSO continues to tell people that we have to reach below a certain "thresh-hold" of players on Night Star in order for it to open, but plenty of people have moved in these past months.

I think it's time Night Star finally re-opened, so let's sign this petition and make a difference!

Once we reach 100+ this petition will be sent in to SSO's official Facebook page to perhaps persuade them to re-open Night Star. This is not a definite solution, but it will gain us some ground and hopefully show them how determined we are to have the server re-opened.

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