To make students convenient

To make students convenient

2 December 2020
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Started by SSIT

As related to attending offline lab classes we are facing some issues which no one is speaking. (We know Lectures and non teaching staffs just follow the orders given by HOD's and Principal.) 
• It's clearly mentioned in SOP ( Karnataka's ) not to force the students to attend classes by intimidating them to fail the subjects if they didn't attend classes offline (Lab). If they do force students then there is no meaning in getting consent letter signed up by parents.
• We aren't assured with covid19 free campus by taking in only students who have negative report in their hands.( As per SoP issued from Government of Karnataka, Its mandatory ).
• We didn't get noticed with any time table of lab classes prior of announcing compulsory class ( which is unacceptable) suddenly.
• There is no concern shown towards the anxiety, mental health and psychological issues of students while making time table nor while announcing the exam dates.
• It's very frustrating to see that busy time table just after a long break as it exponentially hurt our efficiency on each subjects.
• Lectures and Staff members too undergo massive pressure of completing things and they come in contact with lots of students, which will be disgraceful if they get infected with covid19.
• Every class has being done through online as there is not even a single think of network issues students has been gone through these many days.
• We didn't get single feedback chance to express our opinion on the schedule announced.
• There is a huge contrast in situations of every student right now and it can't generalized by making must and should rules and ultimatum.
There is no assurance for students who are supposed to travel daily to college by public transport where they come in contact with many people.
• There are many uncertainties among students and their parents regarding opening of college. Parents vote for their children health over this Lab classes.
• There is nothing other than a human robot can bear this schedule and be complied to these orders.
• There are many difficulties faced by Hostelites and that would take an  another long writing to mention them all.
There is no concession in fees and it's literally unbearable.
So we request to please rethink by standing in student shoe to make necessary amendments in time table and schedule announced to make convenient to students.

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Signatures: 44Next Goal: 50
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