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I am petitioning the State of Pennsylvania  to change the law  on SSI recipients NOT haveing to pay child support.

Suplemental Security Income (SSI) is a supplemental income plan by the federal government. SSI is funded through tax revenues and was created to help individuals with disabilities pay for their basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. To be eligible for SSI, a person must be over the age of 65, blind or disabled and have limited income or limited resources. The individual must also be a U.S. citizen and reside in the United States. SSI benefits are different from Social Security benefits in that they are not a substitute for wage loss but a secondary income based on need. Additionally, unlike with Social Security Disability, the SSI program does not provide for dependents of an SSI recipient.

Read more: Child Support & SSI Laws in Pennsylvania | If you recieve cash benefits from welfare and ordered to pay child support it comes out of your cash benefit. If you recieve SSD and ordered to pay support you pay out of that benefit. Every other benefit out there you pay child support out of, if ordered, except for SSI. This law is telling me that a Man/Women can make 10 babies and not have to worry about paying for them cause they are on SSI. What is wrong with this picture? My personal expierence is I have a ex-boyfriend(Never Married)and a daughter from him who I am in custody of. He is on SSI, but the thing is he also works when he wants extra money. He works for so long then he gets lazy and quits, knowning he has the SSI check to fall back on. He gets a income tax return every year. My daughter gets nothing. What im hoping for is that there is alot more women or men in my situation out there and want to speak up against this law and have it changed where it doesnt matter what kind of income you have, if you make a child you are responsible for support of that child. Income is Income.

Letter to
Pennsylvania State House
Pennsylvania State Senate
Pennsylvania Governor
We the single mothers and fathers who are struggling to support our children, by ourselves, in Pennsylvania, ask that you consider helping us in changing the law in Pennsylvania where it states that fathers/mothers who receive SSI benefits do not have to pay child support.

I speak for alot of other mothers and fathers out there who have a dead beat ex-spouse or ex-boyfriend/girlfriend who feel that they can just go off and make children and not pay for them because they are on SSI.

In my experience (and a lot of other similar cases in Pennsylvania) I have an ex boyfriend who I had a daughter too and I have custody of her. He is on SSI(has been on it since he was a child, he is now in his 40's) but he works if he wants extra money for something, then when he gets tired of his job he quits because he knows he has the SSI check to fall back on. he doesn't tell SSI They eventually catch up with him and take $50.00 a month out of his check for the over payment payback. Why cant his Daughter get that $50.00? Its not killing him that they take that money out of his check every month. He doesn't even notice it. He gets a income tax return every year. His daughter gets nothing??

This is happening all over this country. Not just Pennsylvania.

We need your help to speak out for the children who are getting left behind because their absent parent is not being responsible for supporting them because they don't have to be. The law is not forcing them to be.