Bring Polyvore Back

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Having been a member of this amazing Polyvore Community, I know how screwed up this situation is. We had no warning, what so ever, never even heard of this hostile overtaker I'll call them for now. having been a member of this community myself I know how many hours and how much heart and soul has been poured into these creations we made and right now it seems it's been all for nothing.
It was our space, or me‐time to create, to let ourselves go and get lost in fashion and being creative. Right now it has been taken away and without a word or anything.
I hope that with doing this petition, even if the hope is low, we can make a difference with the community that I know is still there, waiting to rally and stick together like we did on this amazing site.

I've also started or rather I'm attempting to make a similar site, to give all of you a space back to be creative and be together. I'm no web designer though and I can only say all the help is welcome any ideas that you would have changed to the original Polyvore is welcome on this email. or

So once again, I hope we can make a difference with this petition if not. I hope I'll be able to make us a new site and again, any help is welcome.

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