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SSEAYP INTERNATIONAL SINGAPORE recently held its' Biennial General Meeting for the 3rd Executive Board since it became independent from National Youth Council.

The event, attended by about 50 members, had 18 members who had submitted their nomination forms.

Out of these 18 members who had submitted their nomination forms, 5 were disqualified due to non-attendance of their proposers/seconders thus paving the way for 13 members to be qualified and elected into the board.

The Election Committee presided over the election of the 3rd President before leaving the rest to the President to manage the proceedings.

What happened next is unclear as 4 out of the 5 members who had submitted their nomination forms and were disqualified, were not only co-opted (through a simple majority vote), but ended up holding office bearer positions.

Further to that, a member who did not submit the nomination papers, and was not mentioned to be co-opted was also elected to an office-bearer position.

Whilst there is no contestation on the legality of the election of the Presidency, the legality and process and procedures as to how the 4 disqualified members and another member who did not submit nomination papers, nor was mentioned to be co-opted raises questions and eyebrows on the intent behind the co-opt as well as the integrity of the board led by the President who had made the recommendation to co-opt the 4 disqualified members.

To address these issues, we look at the constitution and past precedence of previous boards:


Based on Constitution
The constitution states that in para 21: 'The executive board may co-opt up to a maximum of three persons of the most recent contingent as year representative(s), who shall enjoy similar rights and privileges as Executive Board Members except voting rights'

Based on Past Precedence
Members from any batch who wish to join the board are invited to sit in as observers first, before being co-opted.

Nowhere is there mentioned in the constitution or provisions made in the constitution on co-opting members from other batches or their voting rights.

So, whilst the board is allowed to make provisions to co-opt members from other batches to fill roles in the board, these members should also be subjected to an observation period prior to confirmation as board member and they should also not be given voting rights, especially since they were co-opted.


Based on Constitution
Para 19 - 'The Executive Board shall elect from among the Executive Board Members suitable candidates for the following posts:

a) President
b) 1st Vice-President
c) 2nd Vice-President
d) Secretary General
e) Deputy Secretary General
f) Honorary Treasurer
g) Honorary Assistant Treasurer
h) Directors'

The executive board members who were qualified and elected at the time of the BGM were 13 individuals.

Following due process, these 13 individuals should be given priority to be elected into these positions first, regardless of circumstances as they were the eligible candidates.

Therefore, 3 members had posed questions to the President and the board. Questions were as follows:

"a) did anyone other than the elected members attend the 1st meeting to elect office bearers wh was chaired by the Election Cttee Chairman, Alvin. (I know Observers were not allowed and I believe there were some unelected who remained outside pending the outcome)
b) were any unelected members co-opted before the office bearers had been elected or allowed to vote in the election of office bearers.
c) Elected office bearers list show an officer bearer also elected as Internal Auditor. Was conflict of interest considered
c) was co-option decided and if so, who are they."


"Yesterday BGM we saw 4 candidates disqualified due to non present of him/herself as candidate or proposor or seconder.

As a member in the alumni, I would like to know:
1. are they co-opted into the board?
2. if yes, when did they co-opted? immediate after BGM? before or after election of various portfolios?
3. if the election of board portfolios correctly observed and carried out in accordance to ROS rules and regulations?

For transparency and correct dissemination of info to my year batch, hope someone could give us a clearer info."


"In purview of circumstances surrounding the newly elected board, can we have the following information:

1 - Names of board members who were co-opted due to non-attendance of proposers/seconders.

2 - When were these members co-opted? Before allocation of portfolios, or after?"

President through Alumni Affairs Director gave his reply as follows:

"Dear Members

Good evening.

Five candidates were ‘disqualified’ due to the non presence of the proposer/seconder or the candidate.

The 13 elected Directors proceeded to hold its 1st EB meeting. This meeting was presided by the Election Committee (EC) Chairman and past President Alvin Lee. He presided over the election of the President

The newly elected President took over the Chairmanship. He proposed the co-option of 4 of the 5 candidates who were disqualified at the BGM. They were Chairul Fahmy Bin Hussaini, Yew Zheng Chang (Desmond), Iris Goh Cheng Hua and Mohamad Hairil Bin Johari.
John Vijayan was not proposed as the President was not aware of his condition at that time following an accident that morning.

John Vijayan updated his condition in the evening, after the conclusion of the 1st EB meeting.

The motion was tabled and with a simple majority, the four members were co-opted. This is in accordance to SIS Constitution item 43. "All issues arising at an Executive Board Meeting shall be decided by a majority vote of the Executive Board Members present, and in the case of an equality of votes, the presiding chairperson shall have a casting vote"

The newly co-opted were invited to join in the EB. The elections of the other portfolios were conducted.

Jenny Lee expressed her interest to discontinue her services with the Board soon after the election of the two Deputy Presidents and she left the meeting. All of us encouraged her to stay but failed.

Some were concern of John's condition after the accident. Here are some updates. He was discharged from the hospital yesterday and given medication. He has a specialist appointment at the hospital tomorrow, Monday, 7th May 2018. You may call him and hear from him directly.

Thank you for raising some questions. These two days the EB is overwhelmed with various queries both in the year rep chat gp and personal messages. The newly elected EB will try our very best to improve on any lapses and work towards fulfilling the objectives of SIS.

Sincerely appreciate your attendance yesterday for the BGM and will update the points raised.

Pls support this new EB and give us time to perform.

Sincerely appreciate any contributions and volunteers from members specifically in areas of finance and accounting.

Have a pleasant evening.

Yacob Hussain
3rd Executive Board 2018-2020
SSEAYP International Singapore"

The President's reply had failed to addressed several members questions namely:

1 - "were any unelected members co-opted before the office bearers had been elected or allowed to vote in the election of office bearers."

2 - "Elected office bearers list show an officer bearer also elected as Internal Auditor. Was conflict of interest considered"

3 - "if yes, when did they co-opted? immediate after BGM? before or after election of various portfolios?" (in relation to question of co-option of members who were disqualified due to non-attendance of proposers/seconders)

4 - "When were these members co-opted? Before allocation of portfolios, or after?" (in relation to question of co-option of members who were disqualified due to non-attendance of proposers/seconders)

All 13 elected members, should be allowed to vote amongst themselves first to these positions to allow due process.


List of Candidates for Nomination of 3rd SIS Board:

1. Muhammad Riduan Bin Samad (2012)

2. Koh Eng Hwa (1990/2012)

3. (Jed) Senthil Kumar s/o Jivaraju (2010)

4. Chairul Fahmy Bin Hussaini (1996)

5. Yew Zheng Chang (2008)

6. Iris Goh Cheng Hua (1996)

7. Vijayan s/o Vasavan (1986/1996)

8. Mohamad Hairil Bin Johari (1996)

9. Lai Kok Heong (1996)

10. Tang Kwok Hoong (2007)

11. Lee Chew Yee Jenny (1993/2016)

12. Andy Iskandar Ajes (2005)

13. Arasu s/o Sundaram (1996)

14. Ronald Teo (2000)

15. Yacob Bin Hussain (1992/2003)

16. Muhammad Hafidz Bin Zainal Abidin (1995/2011)

17. Mohd Imhar Bin Mohd Said (1984)

18. Eng Yiwen (2017)

3rd SSEAYP International Singapore Executive Committee

President: Yacob Hussain
1st Deputy President: Kelvin Lai
2nd Deputy President: Ronald Teo
Sec-Gen: Iris Goh
Dy Sec-Gen: Melisa Wong
Treasurer: Mohd Hairil Johari
Dy Treasurer: Arasu Sundram

Corporate Comms
Director: Andy Iskandar
Dy Director: Chairul Fahmy Husaini

Alumni Affairs
Director: Riduan Samad
Dy Director: Jed Senthil

Business Development (New)
Director: Jed Senthil

Training & Development
Director: Hafidz Zainal Abidin
Dy Director: Eng Yiwen

Special Duty (New)
Director: Gerald Tang

International Affairs
Director: Imhar Said

Director: Desmond Yew

Social Contribution Activity
Director: Joey Koh

Internal Auditor: Joey Koh (New)

Based on a simple comparison between the List of Candidates vs the 3rd SIS EXCO, one can see that the Dy Sec-Gen name wasn't in the List of Candidates. Further checks with the statement issued by President also failed to mention the co-option of the individual into the board. 

The member was therefore, not qualified as the member was not cleared by the Election Committee to have stood as a candidate and the member wasn't co-opted into the 3rd SIS Exec Board as it wasn't mentioned by President. 

Therefore, why was the member present at the 1st Exec Board meeting and if the member wasn't co-opted, how did the member get elected to be the Dy Sec-Gen and did the member concerned, take part in any of the voting?


Due to the lack of clarity and the way the procedures were carried out, an Extra Ordinary General Meeting (EOGM) should be convened for the 3rd SIS Executive Board to explain to its members the processes that took place behind closed doors, after the Election Committee left which resulted in the current make-up of the board to clear any seed of doubt.

Further to that, the constitution also requires updating to include provisions for co-opting of members not from recent batches as well as their voting rights.

With the queries cleared and update to constitution done, the 3rd Executive Board will be able to discharge their duties and responsibilities without being burdened by doubts that members currently have.

However, as the EOGM can only be convened with 100 signatures from its members. Members are highly encouraged to put your name down to allow for an EOGM to be convened to allow these changes/provisions to be made. 

To facilitate gathering of signatures and to verify and ensure only SIS members put your name down for the EOGM, please email to with the following information:

Thank you.

SIS Constitution


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