For our voices to be heard against Codetantra

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This petition is for our voices to be heard against Codetantra, supporting Google forms. We have seen a great disturbance among students after attending the CodeTantra Mock examination online. The platform isnt as friendly as they promote it to be and Srm students are distressed because this is their end semester exams which can affect their cgpa inturn affecting their lives. 

The main problems with this website is that its not student friendly. It doesn't allow navigation between questions which may not seem like it affects much but literally does the most. Students who were earlier going through the entire question paper and answering questions at their own pace are greatly affected and are placed under pressure by this software. Also the constant glitches faced by many during mock examination concerns us all it can totally happen during exams and ruin everything and nobody can assure network issues won't happen

As students are already accustomed to writing through google forms this whole semester it is better to conduct exams through that platform as already teachers can monitor students through google meet. Both teachers and students are familiar with that platform and wont be under pressure

This petition indicates a Small percentage of vast no of students affected and we sincerely hope srm heeds to students pleas