Power to Select our next Acharyan must be given to Shrikaryam Swamy!

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Shri Ranganatha Divyamani Padhukabyam Nama:

From the day our great Acharyan HH Srimath Shrimushnam Andavan Swamy attained paramapathi, we are all in deep sorrow. We never questioned about the selection of our next acharyan, integrity of the choice or any wrong opinion about NEC Committee or WILL Executors. As the day goes, it was odd and nominee TSR Vellinallur Shri Narayanachar swamy's delay in accepting the Acharya peetam was  getting deeply hurt in sishya's mind. We do have many Vidhwans, Vaidheegas and kaingaryaparas who have anvaya conectivity with our Ashram. Still, we gave respect to the so called WILL and were ready for its implementation.

On our first meeting on 7/7/2018 We decided to wait  for one week before starting our actions.On our second meeting on 14th July 2018 in which Srikaryam Swamy was the special invitee, we decided to meet Velliyannur Narayanachar swamy along with Srikaryam Swamy. TSR Narayanachar Swamy refused to meet our good hearted, sadhweega Srikaryam Swamy who is the powerful person next to Acharyan in our Ashramam. On our third meeting at Srirangam where accepting invitation to NEC commitee members,  WILL executors and all sishyas and abimanis, NEC Chairman R Rajagopal swamy participated, a video has been played in which the nominee as per so called WILL which has never been published to sishyas was still asking for one more week to decide. It was very very dissappointing and made us feel helpless. Its already been more than 130 days for him to say Yes or No but still not yet decided. So, we Sishyas decided to refuse Narayanachar Swamy to accept him as our acharyan for making us stranded like orphans, no connectivity or anvya sambandham with our Ashramam and never cared about Chathur masya Sankalpam as it was fast approaching.we are waiting for more than 4 months with heavy heart, but still no word from TSR Narayanachar swamy till today.

Power to select our Acharyan must be given to Srikaryam Swamy who can decide along with Vidhwans and Vaidheegas. This is a Vaidheega process involves knowledge in our Sampradhayam. Not an official process to be carried out by  Executors and Comittees which is full of  lowgeegas.

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