Bengal Rejects Unwanted GM Mustard .

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Shrimati Mamata Bandyopadhyay ,

Honourable CM , West Bengal


Madam ,

We the concerned citizens of West Bengal  are raising a very  alarming and extraordinary issue to you . The union  environment ministry’s Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) recommended the commercial release of a  GM mustard which has no benefit to farmer but unsafe for environment , ecology and human health .  This is going to help only the seed manufacturing and chemical manufacturing companies . The chemical glufosinate , which will be needed to cultivate this GM mustard will kill other plants , and cause serious health hazards . As West Bengal is the top most consumer of mustard oil in India , and  mustard oil is a  main ingredient of  Bengal food – we vehemently oppose this move .

Agriculture is a state subject ,hence , union cabinet cannot take a decision on GM food cultivation unilaterally . Moreover , allowing cultivation of GM food by one state will automatically affect consumer and farmers of every other  state as well . Hence , a consensus from all states is needed . If these points are not raised now , our right to safe food will be lost for ever .

We request you to send a letter and issue a public statement rejecting unsafe GM Mustard cultivation . Also , please raise the issue of  approval from every state government as a precondition , before any GM food is released for commercial cultivation . .