Manual scavenging is the biggest human rights violation, time to end it!

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On the one side, new Bharat is making strides to send its manned mission in the space, on the other, in this 21st century, people are dying in the sewers cleaning the filth of others.
As per the recent data by the National Commission for Safai Karamcharis since 2017, one safai karamchari (sanitation worker) died every fifth day in the country.
Unfortunately, these deaths aren’t recorded in the government data, because since 2013 manual scavenging is non-existent, at least on paper.
There was outrage in the country when 7 people including 4 sanitation workers lost their lives in Gujarat.
In this tech age, when robots are replacing humans to do the jobs, why can't we use technology to end this filthy practice? What is stopping the govt from ending this?

India can't grow unless it addresses very important issues like this and that too on an urgent basis.

The slogan of the Modi Govt 'Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas' can be complete when everyone gets the right to his/her life with dignity.

Let's put pressure on the govt to #EndManualScavenging.