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RASTRIYA BRAHMIN JAGRITHI INTELLECTUAL GROUP started this petition to Sri Ys Jagan Mohan Reddy Garu (Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh 1st Floor, Building-I, Velagapudi, Andhra Pradesh, India)



Shri Y S Jaganmohan Reddy Garu

Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh

1st Floor, Building-I,


Respected Sir,

We are very thankful   and it’s Very commendable for the support you providing in the current corona catastrophic situations. Its great thing on your part extending great support for every crucial situations standing  for public. Our congratulations to you.

We would like to take an opportunity to write you this representation that kindly strengthen Brahmin Corporation with proper funds and incorporate with good people. Previous it was worked as TDP caste based corporation and not welfare of community. Most of the schemes were government schemes  which were provided in the name of corporation to attract community vote banks. Please make a division of Brahmin Corporation in to  Vedha Smartha Purohith Corporation  and Brahmin welfare corporation 

In this context  We would like to take this opportunity to offer an official recommendation for  Mr A. RAJESH KUMAR Chairman Samskar Foundation & A.P State president Bharathiya Brahamana maha sangh for ANY SUITABLE NOMINATED POST  in Your Government.

Since there will be new corporation post appointments and Other Nominated posts in the new government,we a few brahmin group requesting you to appoint a true brahmin sevak for the development of our community.

Here by we are proposing Mr.Rajesh Kumar for  suitable Nominated post. He is serving the needs of all brahmins in the two telugu states.

He is promoting Vedic culture and he is assisting many Vedic schools in India  and  also providing funding assistance to Vedic schools.

previously  Godavari and Krishna Pushkarams, he has provided accommodation for the Purohits and piligrims free of cost and helped purohits in getting purohit cards and Passes.

He was taken community people needs to higher officials and made them successful. He fight for proper implementation  and applicability of corporation schemes. 

He is Helping Poor Brahmins in their family Marriages and for their children Education and Individually their Samskarams like upanayana etc.

He is running good organization by the name Samskar Foundation which is always standing for Sanathana Manava Dharma with their good programmes.  He is running Online Magazine by the name Wisdom Chronicle with good articles. Now it is reaching one lakh people   

As a chairman of Samskar Foundation Conducting lot of Cultural Activities throughout the india with huge groups more than 500  cultural groups and also bringing International recognition for our culture since he has collaboration with Russian Organisations. Samskar foundation working for Cancer awareness and Disabled people especially blind.

In 2019 Assembly elections he openly supported YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh state and especially in tirupati constituency. He organised campaigns for YCP along with Bhuman Abhinaya Reddy and he successfully inculcated ideology of YCP schemes among Brahmin community as well as his associated groups.  He motivated Brahmin groups in the state towards YCP.

Even after elections also he is actively working for party with good programmes from time to time. He is utilizing every platform for dissemination of  Government Schemes, party activities to public. He become ingenious personality in repelling the criticisms of other party in public domains.

we felt that if Mr A.Rajesh kumar would be given good position in government , he will work like anything for Brahmin community with service motive. Thus we recommend him highly.

Therefore we humble request you kindly consider our recommendation for the post of director Brahmin Corporation or if not possible..  Any other suitable position  given to Mr. A. Rajesh kumar Chairman Samskar Foundation.

Thanking You Sir.


G.Murthy Global technologies, Council member
Karnataka small scale industries association.
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Maruti Jagannadham Vijayawada. Ph: 9912026162

M.Suresh Kumar, Senior Advocate, Cuddapah. Ph: 9440673990

J.Sri Lakshmi, Advocate, Mangalagiri. Ph: 9440012888



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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!