Build Skywalks , help us from Outer Ring Road Woes

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Dear Sir,

The Outer Ring Road (ORR), spanning 10 km from Sarjapur Junction till KR Puram, is one of the main conduit for people travelling to Bellandur, Kadubeesanahalli, Marathalli and to K R Puram. These areas are houses to Tech parks, Shopping malls, Educational institutions, Apartment complexes and top restaurants. Thus the entire stretch is densely populated with thousands of vehicles rushing to/ from work and pedestrians struggling to walk/ cross the road every hour. What seemingly presents as an ideal locality has turned out to a living nightmare with lack of infrastructure.

The ambitious plan of making the entire stretch signal free by building flyovers was very much appreciated and welcome with the hope of decongesting the road. But in the process pedestrian safety has been completely ignored and with vehicles zipping beyond the limit, this stretch has become a hub of accidents. Surprisingly pedestrians are the victims in 90% of these accidents. Crossing the road anywhere along the ORR has been the biggest worry of pedestrians and they dread this moment. The entire stretch has only one single foot over-bridge (in front of Eco Space) for pedestrians crossing.  This skywalk came up only after lots of requests and protests by public after people getting injured while crossing the road.  

For a stretch of close to 10 KM we just have one Skywalk but close to 6-7 Flyovers catering to lakhs of people who use ORR every day. Due to increase in the vehicular traffic and addition of new tech parks it has become more dangerous now to cross the roads on this stretch. Majority of the people neglected are pedestrians/ public transport commuters from all the companies, colleges and residents around this stretch.

There are many who get injured while crossing the roads but goes unnoticed. Many a times this has triggered road rage among the vehicle commuters and pedestrians. There are a few zebra crossings but there are no signage about them. While most drivers do no respect the intent of zebra crossings, most times the crossings are not even visible.

A very recent incident took place where two females crossing this road got injured grievously after being hit by a biker on this stretch at Kadubeesanhalli. One of them was pregnant lady who lost her yet to be born baby of 8 months due to this fatal accident.

Through this, we request you to consider constructing one foot over-bridge (skywalks) at least at every strategic/important locations /bus stops along this road. These foot over-bridges will help people to cross road safely and help easy vehicular movement on this stretch. It could also encourage people to use public transport (Many don’t use the public transport because being afraid to cross the roads to reach their offices) and this in turn may help reduce the traffic congestion.

There are many petitions being raised on Change.Org to get skywalks on this stretch but looks like nothing has happened so far. There was once such petition in 2014 which made up to Bangalore Mirror per which ( there was supposed to be a Skywalk in front of New Horizon College junction. Had this been implemented may be the unlucky woman would have not lost her baby.

We request the concerned authorities to take this up immediately and help the people.




Amitabh Pattanaik

Jayesh Sripada Rao

Kiran Shivananandappa

Nagesh Earaiah

Srinivas Rao

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