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Provide for compulsory study of criminal laws at undergraduate level,

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One can see that quite a number of the crimes today are being committed by younger generation who are just unaware of the laws governing the society or the pitfalls of the adventures that they may try to do without understanding the consequences. Today, a person becomes aware of even the basic laws governing the society and personal conduct only if he opts for a law course, but not otherwise, even though he and his conduct is subjected to close scrutiny of the same society day in and day out. It is all the more imperative that we take the mandate to educate every young citizen the laws of the society, before even penalising him for what he never thought was wrong in the first place. Compulsory legal education will also help him to understand what is right and what is wrong, so that reforms could be brought in at right places through involvement of younger minds in the chaning social and economic scenario.

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