Make an appeal to the wives and children of corrupt persons in our country

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Sir, your public image as an honest and strong leader has gradually been built among the masses. People cannot help themselves feeling an irresistible attraction towards your charismatic personality. The words poured out from your mouth to the common people more or less capture and move the hearts and minds of almost all the citizens.


Sir, why don't you send out a message to the wives and children of all corrupt Ministers, Bureaucrats, Officers and Clerical Office Employees through your famous and widely distributed Radio Program "Mann Ki Baat?" In which you would urge upon them not to become a part of their husbands' and fathers' corruption. In which message you would call upon the wives and children of the corrupt persons to firmly oppose their husbands' and fathers' engagement in corruption. If they decide not to live in luxury with the money earned through corrupt ways, their husbands' and fathers' conscience will, no doubt, begin to trouble them.


More often than not, it is seen that the irrational demands of the wife and children and their blind fascination for a luxurious life compel an honest person to involve himself in corruption. On the contrary, if the wife and children of a person solemnly decide to show respect for their husbands' and fathers' honesty by living a dignified life with their husbands' and fathers' hard-earned money, than that person will not be corrupt. And a person who has been corrupt since earlier time has to face stern opposition from his wife and children at home, if the wife and children declare "JIHAD" against his corruption, then the person is sure to come under a great deal of pressure. His mind and heart will turn into a fierce battlefield where the fight between good and evil takes place. In which battle righteous will probably win out over evil.


Sir, you are most humbly requested to consider this suggestion with special importance. You can organize a Special Press Conference and convey this message to the families of all corrupt persons. My unshakeable faith is that all the Print Media, Electronic Media and Social Media will extend their unhesitating support, help and cooperation to this noble act (of yours).


Looking forward to your positive response and reply.



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