Sri Lanka Urgently Needs Politicians With Integrity In Parliament!

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Sri Lanka stands today as a Democracy in name only- an epitome of a tragic failed state – making a mockery of Democracy and all what it upholds. We Sri Lankans shamelessly stand naked in the eyes of the world today with our stark lack of patriotism and cowardliness displayed for the world to see, through our collective inaction in the face of a political crisis our country has never known before.

We have proved to the world that we are nothing but a selfish nation of weak-minded, spineless and witless weaklings- an utter disgrace to our so called 2500 year-old history.The need of the hour is to reclaim our self-respect as Sri Lankans, show the world what we are made of by showing the door to all those thugs, crooks and hooligans - the politicians responsible for plunging our country into this disgraceful, repugnant and pathetic hole.

We MUST, collectively demand for men and women of integrity to represent us, the citizens of Sri Lanka in Parliament. This is the only way possible to save our country and the responsibility lies with us and us alone!!!