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The elephants are being KILLED in a horrific, agonizing and inhumane manner...We all must help to save these innocent, gentle creatures from this horrible pain and suffering. 



Sunday, 28th July 2013
Daily News Online : Sri Lanka's National News
Monday, July 15, 2013 (All day)

Hakka patas taking a heavy toll on elephants


The Wildlife Department urge the public to complain or send information about those who are setting traps mainly including the explosive Hakkapatas for wild elephants to the wild life officials.

A Wildlife Department spokesman told the Daily News that in 2012 alone 35 wild elephants, most of them baby elephants, died due to the mouth injuries caused by the explosions of Hakkapatas in the mouth.

The wild elephants death toll due to Hakkapatas in Anuradhpaura wildlife zone in the past six months has been six.

It is reported that the villages in Padaviya, Kebithigollewa and Mahawilachchiya areas used to practice this method to harm the wild elephants. This year up to end of May about 14 wild elephants had died due to Hakkapatas . The Hakkapatas is made by concealing various kinds of explosives such as gun powder, tightened with small iron balls etc inside a pumpkin, gourd or melon. The wild elephants mainly, baby elephants used to play with these balls and when put inside the mouth it would explode thus causing fatal injuries inside, and these animals face a tragic death.

It is learned that mostly villagers in Anuradhapura, Kantale, Welikanda, Trincomalee, Udawalawa divisions practice the Hakkapatas. 

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Letter to
Director of Marketing, Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau Mrs. Madhubhani Perera
President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa
Minister of Agrarian Services and Wildlife The Honorable S M Chandrasena (Minister of Agrarian Services and Wildlife)
We implore you to find a solution to end the use of Hakka Patas to kill elephants - a horrible and violent way to die. If the elephant does survive from this brutal bombing of the mouth, it endures unfathomable pain. Without the use of its mouth, the elephant is unable to drink or eat...leading to a slow death of starvation.

There must be much awareness raised for the people of Sri Lanka. By this awareness, angry farmers and villagers will learn of the insurmountable pain and suffering they are inflicting on these gentle, loving elephants...and possibly end this inhumane practice.

Due to this dire situation, immediate meetings, planning, and action are necessary in finding a solution to end this elephant/human conflict. We cannot encourage tourists to visit Sri Lanka until this heartless and ruthless brutality stops.

Thank you for your time...and Help Save The Elephants!