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 VITEBSK STATE MEDICAL UNIVESITY (VSMU) is state own university in Belarus which maintains a high level of education compatible with European standards.

 Why Sri Lankan Students Prefer VSMU!

  • Total tuition fee less than 5 million. Hostel fees and cost of living, low and affordable in comparison to other places of equal standing.
  • Total student population of 7000 including more than 300 Sri Lankan students.
  • English medium curriculum
  • Clinical training in many state hospitals
  • Focused European standard education with 10:1 student-teacher ratio.

Reasons why VSMU is no longer recognized by the Sri Lankan Medical Council (SLMC)!

  •  An agent in Sri Lanka which calls themselves the country office of VSMU, located at No 07, Rajaguru Sri Subuthi Mw, Colombo 6 has recently started an I#C Foundation which places students to the 1st year of the VSMU General Medicine Program. According to the Sri Lankan Medical Council, Foundation programs are not recognized or used as a similar qualification to London or Local A Level Examinations. (Public Notice by SLMC:
  • Sri Lankan Medical Council, after thorough research has identified that, some of the students placed by this bogus organization promises students an Advanced Level qualification before commencing the 6 Year MD Program. This is a lie! This bogus organization uses this as “Marketing Strategy” to remove or canvas Ordinary Level students and students who have received less that 2C and 1 D for London and 2C and 1S for local Advanced levels.
  • Some of the students who had enrolled for this Foundation program hasn’t even taken part in lectures but have received the Foundation Certificate! There is no quality assurance frame work in place to check the quality of the programs delivered and the teaching methods used.
  • A person working in this organization calls him selves the Belarus Ambassador, and has manipulated and brainwashed young ambitious students and eager parents.
  • This company promotes this Foundation Program as a 1 Year Foundation program, and helps students save time and money. How can students save money, when they charge a total of USD 5000 (LKR: 766,950) for the I#C Foundation. The program is supposed to be for 1 year, but some students receive their foundation certificate within weeks or couple of months if they pay the USD 5000 right away. This foundation is financial scam in all dimensions!
  • To place us students to the 1st Year General Medicine, this bogus organization charges a total of USD 12,000. This is 200% times, more expensive than other agents in Sri Lanka.

(I#C Fee Structure

  • This organization, charges students 200 USD as a landing permit fee even after clearing immigrations in Belarus. How can a landing permit fee, if there was one, be paid to a sub agent working for this organization in Belarus. None of the payments, that we made in Belarus offered receipts, this is a clear indication that they are avoiding the “Tax Cuts”. Student are asked to carry huge sums of dollars including USD 4500 to be paid to the sub agent in Belarus working for this organization located in Wellawate.



This is to inform the medical fraud against a well-known company located in No 07, Rajaguru Sri Subuthi Mw, Colombo 6 who is sending students to study medicine abroad just for the money. As a student I went there to pursue my further studies in medicine. And they explained the details about the universities and forcefully made me to enroll to them. The amount they took was very expensive and I had no choice but to pay them because they took all my original certificates and they didn’t return them until I pay.

In their website they said that they will help the students to find the best fit for their medical education needs abroad based on their objectives and financial strengths. It was nonsense, they didn’t help us with our financial issues instead we had to pay two times higher than the other agents fee. And also I had to do a pre medicine course for 6 months to join the university and when I went there what I understood was the local agents had taught us nothing but nonsense because the syllabus was totally different than the syllabus they showed and taught us. Most of the students are struggling as they couldn’t understand what’s going on and the money they wasted to study. The biggest lie was that they had suggested some students that some universities are approved by the SLMC. And when we checked the website of SLMC we found that all they said was a lie. Some students managed to know what’s going on but some fell in to their trap and now struggling to get up from the trap they fell in

Anonymous Student (2017 Batch)


This petition will help us, current VSMU students to get our university recognized by the SLMC. Without VSMU being recognized by the SLMC, we as graduates will lose our legitimacy and people will question the quality of the education currently being received by us! Please help, solve this issue by blocking all programs delivered by this bogus organization. VSMU has lost its credibility due to this fact.





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