About getting relief for SLIIT semester fees and finding solutions to existing problems

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Jagath Perera started this petition to Minister of Education (Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka) and

We, the current students of Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT), have been compelled to face many difficulties as a result of certain procedures of the management. We wish to bring them to your attention via this petition.

  1. Like all other higher education institutes, SLIIT is also closed due to Covid 19 pandemic and students can not be provided the general facilities of the institute as before. But the students are required to pay the full payment for each semester for the facilities they do not receive. It has become a huge burden during a pandemic like this.
  2. All the lectures and examinations for the semester are conducted online and some students find it difficult to access the internet due to signal and connection issues. Therefore most of the time they are unable to participate in the online learning sessions and examinations. Being the students of the computer studies section, we are also at a great disadvantage here because of the inability to use the facility of computer laboratories.
  3. When accessing the learning sites (LMS) and recorded lessons, only Dialog and Lankabell service providers have made it free of charge. But other mobile and home broadband service providers like Sri Lanka Telecom, Mobitel etc.. data charge for the same. Therefore students are compelled to spend a lot of money on accessing the internet for learning purposes. Most of the other higher educational institutes provide their students with the facility of free access to learning sites. We wonder why only we are at loss here.
  4. In accordance with point 2 above, due to connection issues students unnecessarily spend time for online exams and are unable to complete the question paper within the relevant time and they are considered to have failed those examinations. And they are required to repeat the exam. Students have to pay repeat examination fees and it is highly unfair when the connection issues are not faults at students' end and considering the situation of the country. 

As solutions for the above issues, we suggest,

  1. We are fully aware that we are studying in a private campus and we have to pay for our studies. But in a pandemic situation like this people hardly meet their days ends and majority of the people are suffering from financial difficulties. What we seek is some kind of financial relief without having to pay the full semester fee. (At least a deduction for the facilities students do not receive any longer)
  2. To provide the students with free accessibility to learning sites through SLT and Mobitel as well, since most of the students are using SLT broadband services.

We hope that the above issues will be addressed by the administration and the relevant persons. thank you for your time.

Please Consider the petition.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!