Sri Kasi Datuk RS Mohan Shan PLEASE step down. 13 years is ENOUGH!!!

Sri Kasi Datuk RS Mohan Shan PLEASE step down. 13 years is ENOUGH!!!

15 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chandra Segaran

Dearest Datuk RS Mohan Shan,

We are most of the thousands of Senior members of Malaysian Hindu Sangam who had seen you rose as an aggressive  youth member to become President. We supported your succession from Datuk A. Vaithilingam and have continuously supported your leadership for 4 terms. You have now served over 13 years and will be going for another term (3 years).

In recent years we strongly feel that you have reached your peak and any longer you remain will bring NO GOOD to you, the members and the Sangam.

These are the following reasons we feel you should honourably step down:

1. You have lost the support of majority at all levels, CM, State and LCs. Most members cannot confront you but would prefer you give room for new comers.

2. You have killed talent and removed many good serving members at all levels. Any one who you feel is a threat or oppose your decisions are victims of your dictatorship. You know how to abuse your powers well.

3. You have lost the support from Indian political leaders from both BN and PH governments. Many leaders has openly declared that they will not support MHS as long as you are there.

4. You have lost trust on people who has entrusted you with funds such as Anandakrishnan Foundation, Durga Trust, MITRA, major donors and well wishers. Almost all of them have pull back their support for MHS.

5. You have failed to bring reform and positive change to the Sangam, many members preferred to remain dormant, resigned or oppose your leadership. The true active members have shirked activities at National, State and LCs levels have dropped drastically.

6. You have failed to turn around the Sangam financially. Today we are in the red with over RM400,000 in debts. Numerous occasion failed to pay staff salary, cannot run events and day-by-day create bigger debts. You have also made many to finance your activities, your legal suit, summons and have not recovered and have placed many members in debts.

7. You have lost the support from Government Departments such as PM's Department, National Unity Ministry, ROS, the Police and Immigration Department. They have now reconsidering the recognition given to MHS and oftentimes openly blamed you in person. This includes Indian based NGOs and even temples who are against MHS and most of the them are mushroomed as a result of your arrogance and authoritarian leadership.

8. You have TOTALLY FAILED YOUR LEADERSHIP when you decided to chicken out into hiding from MACC's arrest and allowed your subordinates to face the arrest, humiliation and charges. MACC has also now charged you and your case is waiting to be surfaced.

Enough is enough, for the sake of the members, Sangam and Malaysian Hindus, Please Step Down. We humbly urged all MHS members to share this petition and voice out vour opinion.


MHS National 2022 AGM, Members to decide !

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Signatures: 88Next Goal: 100
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