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Design and Build Storm Water Drainage System for Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation

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Most new parts of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation have been Planned and Constructed without Storm Water Drainage System and Old Parts of the City the System has over lived with many parts having got choked out due to encroachments and collapses.

To make Hyderabad Global City it first need to have Comprehensive Storm Water Drainage System that can empty even 10 CM of surplus water accumulation anywhere within 24 hrs to the Water Body or Musi River 

1. Entire 650 Square KM identify the No of Storm Water Accumulation Points (Water Bodies like Cheruvu / Kunta / Hussain Sagar ) or Musi 
2. Identify the Catchment area for each Point 
3. Design the Storm Water Drainage Size to handle 10 mm collection per hr in small catchment and 20 mm collection per hr in larger catchments 
4. Every 1 acre area must have at-least 1 Major Storm Water In-let ie Marked and clear to all 
5. Storm Water Drainage Network should cover Entire 650 Square KM area of the City not only the areas of Corporates and Crorepatis 

Minimum Total Capacity required is 6.5 Billion Liters of Water per Hr to be drained from the surface of 650 Square KM to the Destination of Ponds or River streams 

Without such effective drainage system any number of times laying of roads will have same result of wash out after heavy rain if its Bitumen and if its Cement more deeper cuts on edges of cement roads causing accidents 

Venkat Gandhi

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