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Letting girls and boys wear what they are comfortable to wear making India dress-code free

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I'm an Indian and I duly respect out culture and tradition.Elders these days are worried that we might forget out culture and tradition but that is not the point.We have adapted western wear because we are comfortable but that doesn't mean all of us are.So this petition is to present that we want to wear whatever we are comfortable in as long as it isn't revealing our major body parts and GIRLS DO NOT HAVE TO BE BODY CONSCIOUS JUST BECAUSE BOYS WILL BE DISTRACTED.

I was in high school a couple of years back and was studying in a CBSE based curriculum and as we all know we should have a play ground we didn't and we also knew our uniform had to at least be a blouse and skirt for girls and shirt and trousers for guys the dress code was the same for the guys but the girls had to become suddenly even more traditional and cultured and wear "salwars" and we had school on Sundays too for examinations every week so no week ends apparently.We were forced to wear "salwars" even then or else we'd be pinched on the arms or waist by one of the female teachers(also as we call her warden).

Then I enter a well known university where obviously people had to be open-minded but even here professors and male student would be distracted if an engineering girl(and mind it only engineering girls) would wear jeans and tee-shirts.Well other branches of education were allowed because they are gonna be looked at for their jobs and I think this makes every girl a little body conscious.I mean people are literally body shaming girls,making boys think its ok to look at a girl when she's totally draped in clothing and still feel distracted.This is like blaming a rape victim for her clothes.

This is where we start people,we start from schools and universities to stop putting unnecessary dress codes on children and young adults.

This video shows how dress codes affect student all over the world well in India the situation is worse:-

I would like the following rules to be established:

  1. Let them wear what they like unless they are at a professional meeting for a job or at a funeral.
  2. Concentrate on their education(Few private high school "institutes" have harsher reactions to people against dress code than people who hardly get through their tests).
  3. Stop the non-sense of boys being distracted it's high time boys are taught to behave courteously and with chivalry.

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