Refuse Reduce Plastics Campaign

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From the story that I gather from various elderly people, including my parents, in the 60's there not much of plastic use in their daily life.
The bread they bought were wrap in waxed paper, if they buy flour, sugar, groceries, vegetables all were wrapped with paper, the newspaper or the brown paper.

If they drink at the kpoi tiam, there were no straw. They drank it straight from the glass or bottle.
Than in 70's plastics start to come in and people start to use plastic due to it is convinience & durable.

plastic is good because of these characteristic and it is bad because of the same characteristic... DURABLE.
DURABLE MEANS- able to withstand wear, pressure, or damage; hard-wearing.

Due to this characteristic, PLASTICS are not able to decompose. Any plastics that was thrown 10-20 years ago are still there, and will remain there for next decades.