Meme Dress Day at Carwatha College 2018

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As we know, Carwatha College likes to hold casual dress days with unique themes. I am led to believe that the idea of “Memes” as a theme was brought up in an SRC meeting once, but was dismissed because the secondary students wouldn’t do it.

However, I believe that in fact, many of the secondary students would enjoy a theme like this. A meme is pretty much a media that has circled the internet. So it is likely that the secondary students would be more aware of these than the primary. 

This theme would likely make the day more memorable and would encourage many more students to participate. It’s not just me that wants this, but also the students that signed this petition and many more. I strongly believe would be very enjoyable for everyone if the SRC decided to make the theme of an upcoming free dress day “memes”. Thank you.