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Petitioning Square help Square Up

Square: Make an app for Windows 8 and Phone 8

Recently Windows Phone was snubbed by Intuit when they pulled their Go Payment app for their terminal from the store. When you do a search for Credit Card terminals only 3 apps pop up and none of which are developed by Square. Unless you are living under a rock Square is a massively popular credit card terminal that docks in your 3.5 mm headphone jack to accept credit cards. Only thing is: availability is limited to iOS, and Android.

So Why bring Square?

Because thousands of people use Square and if a small business wants to use it for his business he would be limited to getting an Android or iOS device.

How will a petition help?

It has the ability to take everyone's voices and put them into 1 strong voice to send a message to Square. The worst that can happen is Square ignores it right?

Why should I sign the petition if I don't use Square?

Because Square is a high quality app that could bring other developers to Windows 8/ Phone 8 because it shows that Windows 8/ Phone 8 is worth developing for.

Letter to
Square help Square Up
We would like for you to make a Windows 8/ Windows Phone 8 app so small businesses can have more options when buying a smartphone and consumers benefit from small businesses having the right tools available. Also it keeps a fair and open market because some users feel hostage to one OS because a certain app is not available on the other. We hope you recognize our voices because we can be paying customers which should help offset the costs in making the app.