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Put Kindom hearts 1.5 and 2.5 HD remix on Xbox One

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Kh3 will be coming to ps4 and Xbox One next year, however. While ps4 has the whole kingdom hearts collection for people to play through. Xbox has nothing to do with it at all, I am aware the Xbox fanbase isn't exactly great in Japan but they need to know that their western audience is really large and expands to Xbox as well. in short I would request that they make a port of the HD remix to Xbox one as for one I don't see that being that hard to do as the whole set of games is already made all they would have to do is change a few things such as the buttons on screen, I am not a master in economics so I don't know if they would make enough money for this to be profitable enough but I do believe that quite a large amount of the community on Xbox who love kingdom hearts don't want to buy a ps4 just to play the old kingdom hearts games. Hopefully, we can get Square Enix to look at this and potentially do something for the Xbox fan base. If we can get them to notice we can potentially get more from them in the future since they know people on Xbox will actually buy stuff in other countries.

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