Pre Order's of Final Fantasy VII Remake 1st Class Edition for AU/NZ to be widely available

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Become a member of AVALANCHE (AU/NZ FFVII Fan's) today so we can fight the evil SHINRA (SQUARE ENIX) corporation. Long have we lived on the lower plate (AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND) and been denied the same goods and services of those on the Upper Plate (US, EU). The greed of such a corporation will no longer be tolerated, we will join together, we will be heard.

Take your stand now and fight together to get what we deserve!

This petition is in direct response to Australia and New Zealand not being able to pre-order or even purchase on release the Final Fantasy VII Remake 1st Class Edition.

You may or may not be aware but JB HI FI was the only outlet in Australia to even have this edition for pre-order. It was not at all advertised to the public, staff therefore most likely had priority ordering their own copies and then told people they knew who also might have bought up the very few units available. From what people were reporting when trying to checkout the 1st class edition they were kicked off the page before they could finalize their pre-orders.

This was 10 MINUTES after JB HI FI had put it on their online store.

What you may not be aware of is that there have been other instances where Collectors Editions have not been advertised and sold out immediately.

Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III Collectors Editions, again only being available at JB HI FI and again selling out before the pre-orders were advertised.

There is also evidence to suggest that Australia and New Zealand only get allocated a small amount of units to share between both countries, around only 1000 units as an estimate. Considering that these games were some of the most popular and anticipated Square Enix games to release for this generation, 1000 units would be nowhere near enough for both the AU and NZ.

I decided to take it upon myself to write this petition in hopes of making the higher ups at Square Enix give us a larger amount of 1st Class Editions or have shipping to Australia and New Zealand from the Square Enix Store. Right now the only way you can get Play Arts Kai Figurines and other Merch is from that store, otherwise you have to pay a crazy amount of money for products on stores like Ebay. I myself have scored nearly all my Cloud Strife figurines from either conventions selling them or paying over $100 more for them on Ebay. As soon as the Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced and confirmed to be REAL, I knew I would be buying the best edition I could get as soon as pre-orders were available.

I am devastated that even that option now has been taken away from myself and other fans.

What you or others may not care to understand is that the original Final Fantasy VII is THE VERY GAME that pushed my hobby of gaming into a passion. From that moment on I was hooked, I have never played a game quite like Final Fantasy VII and will probably never see anything of its like again. The journey was long, heartbreaking, ground breaking and epic on a level that even games of this era cannot hope to come close to. I myself fell in love with the games spikey haired, reluctant hero Cloud Strife. Though not having money growing up and only being able to rent games. I got older and managed to save every dollar I had to buy an Original copy of Final Fantasy VII on Ebay. I still own it to this day and like my other Final Fantasy games and Figurines, I will never sell them, no matter what they are worth today. The Final Fantasy VII Remake 1st Class Edition comes with an exclusive Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife and Hardy Daytona Figurine, probably only available through pre orders. Having contacted both Sqaure Enix and JB HI FI, there is NO CHANCE that more units will be sold or that this edition will be properly stocked or available for pre order within Australia or New Zealand.


Maybe you might understand in reading this and feel the very same way. At least I make a very valid point that both Australia and New Zealand seem to be left out a lot of the time. If you are a fan, which I know there are an incredible amount of people that consider Final Fantasy VII to be the greatest game EVER MADE, you will sign this petition. While we can sit and do nothing, for fear of being ridiculed for our passions, that will not change anything. Gone are the days that gaming is a hobby for “nerds”. People may say us fans are being entitled, we are just whining about a stupid game or are snowflakes. That doesn’t matter if you stand by what you believe in.

I believe both Australia and New Zealand deserve the right to purchase/pre order anything that other countries are able to freely access, without limited units or a lottery system.

I don't want Square Enix to be the bad guys or the "Evil Corporation". I love their games and what they provide to the fans, I only wish to be included in celebrating these gaming masterpieces along with the rest of the world.

If enough people can sign this petition, if some gaming media outlets like Kotaku Australia and Press Start Australia make this petition known, somebody has to listen.

Thank you for taking time to read this, please submit your own petition if you think you have a little more experience and skill in writing something that will secure the support us FFVII Fans so sorely need. Share this petition on all your social media so the message can get out to other fans to generate support.

Hopefully the new Final Fantasy VII Remake when released will do the original justice and maybe by that point we may even get the 1st Class Editions we deserve to own.

- From a heartbroken FFVII fan, Lady Aux.