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Make Life is Strange: Before the Storm on the PS3!

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Square Enix please, make Life is Strange: Before the Storm on the PS3!

Hello! Thank you for Life is Strange!

For 23 years of playing experience is the best game in which I played!

Next is for DONTNOD!

The game perfectly worked out the plot, it does not have any logical hole or incompleteness. It is clinging from the very beginning, from the moment when Max woke up on her desk in the classroom and before she and Chloe leave Arcadia Bay. Yes, I made this choice, no, not because I don’t care about other a citizens of town, but because you made me fall in love with Chloe. I really liked character of Chloe and Max, since their reunion, I wanted them to be together, and I could not allow Chloe to die!

The nature of all the characters, their personalities are shown to the smallest detail. At once it is clear what kind of fears someone has, what kind of life, what desires and motives. Each of characters is part of the whole beautiful world of the Arcadia Bay. Disclosure of these characters is also very cool! In all 5 episodes I lived life for each of them. From the first minute i'm realize that this character is in its place.

The created atmosphere perfectly complements the living world of the city. That softness and sincerity that in the game makes you want to play and play it endlessly. How I want to watch and play the story of Chloe and Max above, but I understand that it is completely finished. After all, if I’m continue, it will not be so fascinating. That's why this game will be the only one, I will not playing in second time. And only because it is perfect and if I’m go through it again, then all the magic is destroyed. For me, the story of Chloe and Max is over, it's what I turned out to be, I'll leave it in my heart and in my memory forever. Thank you very much, you are the best! The whole development team is my best friends! I hope with you all will be fine, create more such games, and the gaming industry will live forever!

Unfortunately, I can’t play in Life is Strange: Before the Storm, because I do not have a PS4, but there is only PS3, but I will gladly buy it in PSN so that you can make games on and on. So please, make Life is Strange: Before the Storm on the PS3.

P.S. - I received platinum on PS3!

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