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Make Final Fantasy XV Episodes DLC free for its misleading marketing and lacking story

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The impact that Final Fantasy has achieved throughout history is undeniable. For years it has been considered the "king of RPGs" and each iteration, whether ambivalent in final audience and story content appeal, has had its own special influence and fondness in the hearts of millions of gamers around the world. 

With Final Fantasy Versus XIII, 10 years ago, Bush was still president and Facebook  was just hitting its first sweet spot globally; the world was different and the social media communications were starting to evolve. The PlayStation 3 was launching, Ken Kutaragi was still head of PlayStation and the expectation for the new generation of Final Fantasy was birthed.

Versus XIII, which was the title originally conceived for the game, received many trailers, with CGI content, gameplay scenes and many other features that, of course, did not make the transition to XV. However, once the change took hold, XV was still being marketed with content that wasn't featured at all in the final game and with a misleading marketing approach that resulted in previously tailer-featured CGI content being in fact generated for a movie, Kingsglaive, and not the game itself. This move occurred this very same year, 10 years after the original announcement. However this wouldn't be an issue if the game itself felt thoroughly constructed in terms of plotline and storytelling; it doesn't.

Final Fantasy XV is, not only the less explicative Final Fantasy game ever, but could very possibly be the least story-informative video game ever released. It is in fact daunting the outrageous lack of story content and plot density that it feels almost insulting to the loyal fans that have waited 10 years for this game and that have loved and cared for the Final Fantasy franchise for decades.

Considering that there is actual content that will be released in the way of various paid DLC is a very sad way of considering the loyal fanbase and customer base that paid triple-A money for this long delayed game. 

The gaming community cannot carry on allowing these big corporations to play with trailers and anticipation. Expectations and wonder are very powerful, even more so when the main concept of a property is "fantasy". 

Final Fantasy represents a special meaning for its gamers, and other games in general also contain special emotions to their respective gamers. Triple-A prices are being diluted into other types of payments such as micro transactions and DLC and, although it sometimes works great, many times the games feel more and more like money-bait.

Final Fantasy XV Episodes DLC must be free. Everyone who has finished the story of the game will agree with this, but also everyone who feels unheard when corporations use unclear tactics to offer more ways of charging money.

Kitase-san and everyone in the Final Fantasy team are heroes. They have given us joy and fabulous wonder for many years. This just doesn't seem like them.

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