Get a new Dragon Quest Monsters Game in the US.

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Its been almost ten years since there's been a US localized version of a new Dragon quest monsters game. I strongly believe that there would be a lot of happy fans to see this series come back in whatever form it takes. I just want to be able to play a monster taming type game with all my favorite Dragon Quest monsters.

What I want Square Enix to do is formally announce a new game or at least be more open with the American public about its intentions to do so.

I can vividly remember picking up Dragon Quest Monsters Joker for my DS back in middle school and to this day its one of the best times I've had playing games. I've been an avid fan since then , playing the second installment and even buying a Japanese 3DS only in order to play the third game.

If you love these games and want to see them get the admiration and appreciation they deserve please sign this petition. I don't know If the developers can make the game but just hearing some sort of announcement on the topic for all there English speaking fans would be fantastic.

The market seems to be really receptive to these genre of games and with the recent success of games such as Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, which I believe to be the closest comparison, that Square Enix needs to know that there is an audience for this and that we have money to pay for it!

There is no game that can quench my thirst for this series and Id easily pay full price ($59.99) for a new installment.