Dear Square-Enix, please give us the cut content for the Secret of Mana remake.

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Petition Statement:

Dear Square Enix, since you released the Secret of Mana remake for various platforms, why not make the game as it was intended to be, since you had to cut the content because you couldn't fit it on the snes 16 bit cartridges back then, but now with the release as a digital version, the limitations that this time brought with it are gone, so why not release the game as it was intended to be?

Secret of mana is such a wonderful game, with a rich and colorful world and lore, and it would be a waste not to tell the whole story, and give the full experience to it's player and fanbase.

I'm sure many players are interested in the full experience, as it was intended to be.

The game was intended to have:

- An overall darker tone.
- Sidequests.
- Even more lore and story content.
- More locations on the world map to visit.
- Various endings.
- Time travel.


Why not release the cut content as a dlc?

Personal Statement:

As a long time fan of the mana series, i would be happy if this dream would come true, not only to imagine what the game could have been, but actually finally seeing it the way it should have been.