#BringBackClassicLara & Tomb Raider 1-6 Remasters + Expansion Packs

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Potential petition wording update:

Hello guys! I wanted to offer a slight update to the petitions description and see if anyone is onboard with this update? Its made for a little extra clarity since many people have seemingly (intentionally or not) misunderstood the petition. I would like to see if anyone who has already signed is okay with this update to the description potentially coming into play?

Updated Description:

The original Lara Croft is long overdue for a return. The world has gone crazy with revivals, remakes and remasters and the only big name not participating in this is Lara Croft. Resident Evil has gone back to its roots, Spyro has had a remake and Bandicoot has had a return too which have been received well. Devil May Cry is among these games. There is no reason to think Tomb Raider can not have viable success.
Tomb Raider has been ignoring the source material for a long time now for things including Lara's personality, backstory, design and the same goes for the many places she visits. The character and franchise has been turned into something unrecognisable nowadays. We'd like to see the return of the charismatic, sarcastic and fun loving Lara who's story wasn't focused on her parents but instead her own drive to adventure. The solution to this is to restore her back to her roots rather than highlighting her vulnerabilities. We want her to be the character the franchise is known for, we've had over 10 years exploring the more emotional side of the franchise, its safe to say the original formula can also have emotional scenes too, which it already has albeit more subtle. No franchise has ever completely denied the history of what made it famous to begin with or neglected it quite as much. We want the gameplay to return to form in a respectful yet modern way, unlike LAU and the most recent trilogy which was more a shift in gameplay style rather than just modernising the formula, both had simplified staple features on a large scale and a focus on different mechanics which we would like to see remedied now in the future through remasters or a new game.
Core Design's original backstory for the character still depicted independence and for parts of the fanbase was also found more engaging. We want to have the Core Design era of Lara represented in the mainstream again for the next installment of Tomb Raider. At minimal a full return, restarting or continuing from anywhere based on TR1-6 and hopefully restoring her old games and expansion packs to all current platforms which have never been available before outside of PC. If we don't recieve remasters, we want a new classic styled game featuring the original Lara Croft.
Classic Lara has been viewed by some as being too archaic to return to which is simply not true, this petition shows support for the classic side of Tomb Raider and the chance for it to return. We would like remasters and ports of Tomb Raider 1-6  including their expansion packs and if not a full return to the classic timeline in a new game.

Aya Winters
1 year ago