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Bring MindJack to PC!

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Mindjack was a game like no other and one that sadly never got to realise its true potential!

Few games come close to the pure love and ambition put into a game like MindJack; at first a seemingly conventional third-person cover-based shooter in a futuristic setting; MindJack, despite an initial panning, came closer to perfection and player expression than few games in our collective history can ever claim to be.

MindJack was revolutionary in its mechanical implementations of several aspects of unique gameplay, the most important of which was MindHacking™, A mechanic, within MindJack, that allows the player to take the form, and movements, and expressions of any local civilian and/or weakened enemies within the area. MindJack uses this to craft intriguing and fun gameplay aspects for the player while also tying into the deeper themes and meanings within MindJack’s subtle writing. Do we have free will? Who can we trust if we can switch our minds and enslave others at will? Are we truly human, or something more? MindJack asks these hard questions with a gripping narrative of friendship, betrayal, and rival factions in a never ending war of the mind itself!

MindJack revolutionized how we look at the very concept of multiplayer itself!

2011 was the year in which a game came out, known for its brutal difficulty, and seamless co-op helpers and online Invasion systems was seen to make us all rethink the way we look at multiplayer; that game was of course MindJack. Since MindJack, many games have tried to implement online co-op/invasion systems but few ever did it with the finesse of MindJack’s. In MindJack you are able to exit your body as a ghost to MindHack™ into other NPCs to help in combat encounters. The crux of this system within MindJack was that, within your supposedly single-player experience, others could use their copy of MindJack to join your game of MindJack as one of those ghosts with a choice of MindHacking™ NPCs to help the main player, or to MindHack™ the enemy team taking over the AI grunts. It maintains this unique balancing act by keeping the enemy AI’s health and damage output consistent to the single-player campaign, allowing MindJack to keep a traditional “one versus many” approach for single-player while keeping the enemy side interesting in terms of their AI being replaced with actual human intelligence. MindJack expertly divides its levels into small arenas with designated enemy placements and weaponry types but the openness for advanced techniques such as flanking to keep the experience consistent and fun for all involved.

MindJack was ahead of its time!

MindJack was famously panned by critics at the time of its release; we are not here to necessarily dispute that; reviews are opinions and as such we need to respect the thoughts of those at the time. MindJack is not a perfect game, nothing is, and one must acknowledge MindJack’s failings; it was at times unpolished, some moments within its narrative arcs arguably fell flat, and, with minor performance issues causing a slight feeling of unresponsiveness within the aiming controls on controllers, MindJack was sadly made to full just short of its brilliant mechanical ideals. But one cannot fault MindJack’s ambition and implementation of online mechanics to create a unique, heart pounding experience that was sadly not within the tastes, or fully resonated with reviewers at the time, and playing MindJack today on console sadly lacks the vibrant community that MindJack needed for its full potential to flourish as the critical opinion of the time pushed MindJack behind other more well known releases. But, playing MindJack again today with a set of friends to simulate the experience of its online mode allows MindJack to truly show off what it is capable of as an online experience. But more than just this, the transition to PC will, through the process of porting itself, create a vastly superior game to the already great game that MindJack truly was.

Imagine a world in which MindJack ran at 60fps with lag-free mouse and keyboard precision, with a thriving online community playing MindJack together!

Put MindJack on a PC and with that added power and the new control scheme you’ll find yourself with a smoother game with more twitch-based aiming and a vastly improved general feel to add to this. As long as MindJack’s port is optimized with stability, control responsiveness, and a minimum of 60fps in mind with stable servers, MindJack will find itself a new audience whom, with the newfound popularity of games with systems similar to MindJack’s, will keep the online thriving and the games potential steady for years to come, and, perhaps, even allow the resurgence of this community to make Square Enix consider a reboot or sequel taking its already stellar mechanics such as the MindHack™ and the co-op/invasion systems and use them to find new ways to push MindJack further than it already pushed itself.

Maybe one day MindJack will fully find the audience it deserves, with your help, and Square Enix’s responsiveness towards its community, we can make the dream of seeing MindJack finding a true home to love it happen!

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