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Give disabled man his job back at Sprouts Supermarket

Ian Rey has worked at my local Sprouts Supermarket for 14 years. He was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, but has overcome his challenges to become a perfectly pleasant, and most importantly INDEPENDENT man.

Ian Rey has always done his job, greeted customers, helped them out to their cars, gathered carts and baskets, and never once failed to ask me how I was doing, or send me off with well wishes.

Recently Ian was fired for mistakenly taking the wrong jacket from the employee break room. As soon as he noticed his mistake he gave the jacket back. Management requested that he write an apology to the jackets owner, which he did. Management then used that letter to send to corporate as an, "admission of guilt" and let him go a few days later.

Sprouts is using this silly mistake to mask their discrimination and they need to know it's not okay. Please sign this petition and help Ian get his job back, or at the very least some justice.

Letter to
Sprouts Supermarket
Ian Rey has been an amazing employee and benefit to your company. He's pleasant, helpful, and always leaves me feeling like a happy, well taken care of customer. But Ian is also disabled, and we think that is why you really fired him.

You did a wrong thing by firing him, especially over something so silly.

Ian did not steal anybodies belongings on purpose, he accidentally took something that did not belong to him, then did the right thing and return it.

We demand that you give him his job back, and apologize for not being an equal opportunity employer.

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