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Give credit to customers experiencing problems with cell phone service

Since at least April, Sprint's services have been next to useless: numerous dropped calls, phone not ringing when calls come, slow text messaging, wrong time on the phones, no service, etc. Sprint keeps using the excuse of "upgrades," and promising improvements in a "few weeks," but that doesn't help it's millions of customers right now. They've now pushed the "upgrades " to the end of September, meaning we've all been paying for sub-par service for almost 6 months. 

Let Sprint know that you're fed up with paying for service that doesn't work. I think Sprint should credit its' customers with at least a month's worth of service to make up for this frustrating inconvenience or give all the customers a free upgrade after putting up with this for so long. After all, we pay hundreds of dollars each month for our phone service to work, not for endless aggravation and excuses.

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