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Allow us to grieve!

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Lets stand together and fight for our god given right to grieve. 

Over turn your decision to make us remove things from our loved ones graves!!

This is our story


Dear Springvale Biotanical Cemetary,

It is with absolute heartache and disgust that i am writting to you. A year ago this friday the 16th of June my brother Steven passed away, sadly two weeks prior to Stevens death my pop also passed away. As you could imagine the impact that the loss of both, so close together has had on us. We had chosen Springvale biotanical cemetary was where we were going to lay our two loved ones to rest. We went ahead and purchased two plots next to one another in one of your "exclusive" parts of the cemetary. The "Sloan" Garden which is to your left directly off the police road enterance. Mind you, we paid good money for our loved ones to be burried in this particular part of the gardens.

Over the past year we have spent many hours there. Putting fresh flowers out every sunday; rain, hail or shine. This is where our loved ones final resting place is. So it brought us some sort of comfort to be able to come here and sit with them. One day we started to bring out little orniments to decorate their graves. Nothing extravagant; for example we placed an angel between their two plaques. A guardian angel to look over them. My son has a matchbox car which is left there so he can play cars with his uncle and poppy when he comes out to visit them. At christmas, our first christmas without them we put two small christmas trees out so that they were still a part of christmas with us. We put a few little solar lights on the adjoining tree in which their burried under. So that on those nights that are just too hard to deal with; we can drive past and see the light shining and know that there is the exact spot that they are resting. Often this is something my mum will do. Could you imagine the pain of losing a child? I couldnt. But its something my poor mum has to live with everyday & this is something that you now have made a 1,000,000 times harder.

Yesterday we recieved a letter from your management, stating that we have to remove everything we have put on the graves otherwise you will remove it for us. Thats right.

How disgusting on your behalf. As if loosing a loved one isnt hard enough to now be told we have to remove anything that we have put at their final resting place ? SHAME ON YOU SPRINGVALE CEMETARY, SHAME ON YOU.

What is most confusing about this whole situation is that you have known about us having our lights and sentimental memories for about 11 months now, so why is it that almost a year to the day that my brother died are you now making us take it down?

We have had so many people who are out visiting their own loved ones approach us and compliment us on how beautiful it looks and how well we keep our graves maintained.

Your demand has left a grieving family devestated.


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