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Rewrite HOA rules to specify number of backyard chickens allowed (up to 8) as per city law

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Spring Creek Ranch is an amazing place to live and many owners here share this love with their furry and feathery friends. Several families here even enjoy raising their own flock of chickens for the health and cost benefit for their families.

As per HOA rule 8.4 regarding animals on property, it states vaguely that an owner can have up to 2 "usual and ordinary household pets such as cats dogs or birds" and continues to include "all permitted pets shall be small household pets kept indoors" 

This clearly doesn't include chickens as they are not considered a small, usual or ordinary household pets and certainly not kept indoors. They are a homestead animal. A change or amendment needs to be added to the HOA CC&R's specifically for number of chickens allowed.

The following Spring Creek Ranch homeowners propose there to be an allowance of UP TO 8 chickens in accordance to Lehi Law found in Lehi Property Development Standards section 12.120 part 5.C: "Category Four animals (chickens) are allowed on properties in the Planned Community District with a maximum of eight (8) for detached units." Households with chickens must have an enclosure appropriate to HOA standards and no roosters will be allowed.

Chickens thrive as flocks and these flocks are kept in contained units with no affect to the environment around the unit whether there are 5 or 8 chickens inside. Chickens are extremely easy to raise, require little effort to maintain, cause no disturbance and if there is any noise it is at human voice decibles. Chickens are raised as a food source and for food storage and can change in number according to their intended use. This is why they cannot be compared to the usual long-term household pet. Many families in the neighborhood have multiple children and raising backyard chickens provides an excellent opportunity to teach kids responsibility and also provides nutrition in an inexpensive manner and also during times of need.

Therefore, we are petitioning that these changes be included in the Spring Creek Ranch HOA rules, and apply to all homeowners who currently, and from here forward, own chickens.


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