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Spread Awareness about Lead Poisoning in India

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Respected Sir

Wonder why a little Lead in Maggi created so much of a furore. Well in India most of us are unaware that Lead is poisonous and an increase in Blood Lead Level (BLL) can cause a number of  health hazards. Sometimes even lethal.

Since minerals like Calcium, Iron and Sodium are essential for human body, we think that our body requires some amount of Lead. The answer in ‘NO’. Our body does not require any amount of Lead, but because of certain occupations, environment and consumer products we might have Lead in our blood, or at least in our surroundings.

Lead is used in paints for its water resistant and colour enhancing properties. Source of Lead are bright colour powders, paints, painted pots, ceramic wares, household paints etc. Other sources of lead are soil, industries, recycling batteries, etc. Lead can be leached in green vegetables through the soil.

In India research by various organizations have proved that BLL is high among those is Lead occupations and their families, Traffic Police, Children of the uneducated, people staying near Lead related industries, etc.

We need to spread the awareness because the menace can be curbed by restraining from using certain products; maintain cleanliness and hygiene; and verifying the presence of Lead in the products we use.

Provide are availabe with harmless substitutes of Lead -  Lead-free paint, Lead-free petrol and herbal holi colours.

When people have awareness they will take care of their own safety and their society. In Flint, Michigan, in the USA, a house wife, and a mother of three, discovered after considerable research that the tap water, supplied from Flint River, contained high level of Lead.  City children showed symptoms of Lead poisoning like abdominal pain, irritability, vomiting, etc. Blood tests proved that the kids were having elevated level of Lead in blood.  The authorities took quick action to resolve the situation. As a quick measure they found that filtering makes the water drinkable for those aged above six. President Obama drank a glass of filtered water from flint to reassure the residents of flint that the water was drinkable. And he said that the leached lead pipes will be replaced within two years.

In India we need to spread the awareness of Lead poisoning in India. Various organisation are working tirelessly, conducting researches and campaigns to Stop Lead Poisoning in India. If people are able to detect the sources of lead poisoning, then they can take precautionary measures and also alert the authorities to curb the menace. In this way we can find solution to curb one pollutant.

Hope that the Ministry takes steps to spread awareness about Lead Poisoning in India, before the Lead Awareness Week, in October 2016.

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