Spread the word: Active Measures in the USA is entering Phase III: The Crisis Phase

Spread the word: Active Measures in the USA is entering Phase III: The Crisis Phase

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James Tolley started this petition to Donald J. Trump and

I (James) have discovered that there is a name for what I see happening in the United States and in other countries around the world right now. It’s called "Active Measures," or "Ideological Subversion." Active Measures is a process which can be used to destabilize and destroy a country from within by creating polarization and a degradation of society.

I came across information about this from Yuri Bezmenov, a high-level KGB defector, who talked about Active Measures in the 1980’s. Active Measures is a decades-long process to use ideology, front groups, disinformation, social engineering, and psychological warfare in order to demoralize and split a society into competing factions. These factions are then brought into ever-increasing power struggle with each other.

* The essence of Active Measures is to constantly emphasize social differences in order to increase disharmony and conflict until society fails. This is the process for how a population can be brought to destroy their own country from within.

Over decades, political power struggles are escalated into physical power struggles, with the goal of destabilizing a country. After a country has been destabilized, a crisis is manufactured. This crisis allows for the reshaping of the institutions of society. Then, the people, tired of crisis and chaos, demand that anyone - even a fascist government - create order at any cost, including the loss of freedoms and rights, increased surveillance, and the installation of a authoritarian regime. Then, a savior is delivered, which the people are convinced to accept wholeheartedly. Finally, a new "normal" is installed, where the people have no real rights and are controlled through violence and intimidation.

Please go to https://peaceful.ly to see the information I have gathered about Active Measures, along with some commentary about how I view recent history and current events.

My Request:
I’m sharing this in order to do what I can to contribute to the well-being of the United States and the World. My request is that you look into this information as deeply as you need, and if you are convinced enough, to share this information with others, especially those who have larger platforms to reach more people and who are in positions of influence to counteract what appears to be happening.

See below for more details about what I see happening in society and what we can do.

These are among the goals and tactics of Active Measures campaigns, which I see in America, as well as in the societies of other free and open countries:

* Political party antagonisms create disunity.
* Growing racial divisions.
* Distrust in law and order, including the police, prisons, and courts.
* Competing ideologies split society into factions.
* Politicized religion.
* Distrust in the institutions of society, such as the FBI, the State Department, and the CDC.
* Distrust in shared sources of truth, such as science, the media, elections, and Congressional hearings.
* The election of a populist, charismatic leader.
* International isolation due to alienating allies and withdrawing from treaties.
* Destruction of the economy.
* The inability of people to understand the truth, no matter how much evidence is presented to them.

Things you can do:

* Educate yourself and the people in your life on the process of active measures, and what can be done to counter it.
* Share this on social media and in other places. Consider handing out flyers in your neighborhood.
* Realize that most people across the political spectrum have been misled, but are acting in good faith and are actually on the same side.
* Ask media outlets and elected representatives to publicly acknowledge that this process is occurring and work to bring people together.

Again, see https://peaceful.ly for more information and to participate more fully.

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