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Please allow your users to block abusive users!

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Dear Spotify,

It has come to my attention, as it came to the attention of many others that the application which we all love to use, lacks a function of blocking unwanted users, enabling these users to reach to our playlists/songs and/or following our day-to-day activities while we are using the application. Apart from disturbances caused by violation of privacy, this can cause major issues for users who have stalkers, angry ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends et cetera.

As a customer, it is shocking for me to see such a blind spot of privacy and as an avid user of your application, I can't help myself but feel unsatisfied, both for myself and for the people who left with their privacy breached and even afraid, due to the perimeters that I have counted in the last paragraph.

The only wish that I, and people who I try to speak on behalf, possess, is that you redefine your approach to customer privacy and allow users to block unwanted users, so that they would not be able to listen what these users listen or follow their playlists or their daily musical activities, for apparently this is a grim issue that was brought in front of you 12 months before by another campaigner on this website, who managed to get 7,000 signatures.

Thank you for reading and thank you for the great app, I am looking forward that it'll become greater with the installment of this feature.

Kind regards.

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