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Launch Spotify in Pakistan (Demands BTS FANS PAK ARMY)

Everybody on this planet deserves to have access to the healing and uplifting power of music.

Spotify is an internet music streaming service that provides with one of the world's largest international music collection. It provides billions of playlists to listen to, online and offline, offering both premium and free subscriptions.

In a country with millions of music lovers, it is a huge disappointment that a service so powerful and brilliant is out of their reach!

Many Pakistani artists upload their music on Spotify but the fans cannot listen to their favourites because the service is not available. Specially, since it is a country where music is very much interlaced with almost all culture, from dramas, movies, and to almost every event or celebration. Not to mention the huge Youth population and the booming music industry that could contribute to Spotify's success in another country. Other than youngsters, Pakistan has a large target audience that is deprived of this service.

Over the past couple of years, there has been a notable massive rise in the number of Pakistani who listen to K-pop.

In terms of which K-pop artists are most popular on Spotify globally, it’s not the biggest surprise, South Korean megastars BTS worldwide phenomenon are currently the number one band in the music business with the most powerful fandom in the world; ARMY.

Over time, ARMY has become a movement, that increased BTS’ global popularity through carefully planned and executed teamwork, and continues to do so.

BTS fans in Pakistan (PAK Army) with huge Pakistan BTS fanbases know the importance of streaming and charting. Like the most music fans in other countries, we demand Spotify's availability in order to contribute in streaming and charting on an official music platform, as well as support our Artist BTS on Spotify streaming platform immensely

Thus, it is a hope that Spotify and Pakistan would flourish with their synergy in near future.