Remove Nohidea from the music platform Spotify

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Nohidea has been accused multiple times of abuse, stealing artwork and framing as his own, misconduct, copyright infringement, and online threatening and bullying.

His past accounts of abuse start back 3 ex-girlfriends ago; each warning the next about his abusive and manipulative tendencies. His online abuse has been present on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with more than 15 people feeling attacked and bullied by the same individual. 

He "samples" songs that are fully composed already, while claiming he did not sample; but played the piano parts and wrote the melodies. I, a first-hand witness, know this is not true. The art he in fact steals is taken from artists from all over the world - be it producers, composers, artists, painters, photographers, and videographers. 

Almost all the content Nohidea has posted have been stolen and slightly manipulated to pass as "his" but are in fact someone else's work - which he then gives no credit or word to. 

His songs that feature singing or collaboration have been reported many times due to him not paying out the collaborators or singers who in fact make a big part of the song, which he gains profit from.

Nohidea has received promotion and special treatment through his partnership at Spotify and the internet and his ex-fans have had enough. This petition is to remove Nohidea from the music platform Spotify to give the true artists a chance to shine. Many feel his place in fam is undeserving and unrightful due to his copy-cat style and ignorant attempt at making music.

We hope this petition reaches the right person at Spotify Headquarters and that they make the right decision to cut support of Nohidea.