Spotify: Do not buckle to pressure from the Israel lobby to deplatform Lowkey

Spotify: Do not buckle to pressure from the Israel lobby to deplatform Lowkey

30 March 2022
Signatures: 45,188Next Goal: 50,000
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Why this petition matters

Started by Lowkey Online

We artists, musicians and other public figures and organisations are deeply concerned by the coordinated campaign against rapper and campaigner Lowkey.

Lowkey has become the target of a coordinated smear campaign to demonize, defame and deplatform him. Earlier this month, organised groups forced the University of Cambridge Palestine Solidarity Society to postpone his lecture and were able to stop his appearance at the National Union of Students in Liverpool. 

Now, a campaign by lobby group "We Believe in Israel" is demanding that his content be removed from music streaming service Spotify. This is unacceptable censorship.

The campaign against Lowkey is designed to silence Palestinians and their supporters. Anti-Palestinian censorship is now reaching into the artistic realm. Today Lowkey; tomorrow, who is next?

Lowkey’s music has inspired and energised millions around the world and ignited an interest in many about the issues he raises in his work. As a relentless advocate for Palestinian human rights, he is a target for many who would rather his message not be heard.

This is precisely the reason for the recent campaign against him. We hereby call on Spotify and all other platforms not to buckle to pressure groups who would rather see his music removed than grapple with the issues he highlights in his music.

Signed below:


  • Noam Chomsky, Laureate Professor of Linguistics, University of Arizona

  • Avi Shlaim, Emeritus Professor of International Relations, University of Oxford

  • Ilan Pappé, Professor of History, Exeter University

  • Catherine Chiniara, Senior Lecturer, University of Westminster

  • Sut Jhally, Professor of Communication, University of Massachusetts Amherst

  • Loubna Qutami, Assistant Professor, Department of Asian American Studies, UCLA

  • Aaida Mamuji, Associate Professor of Disaster and Emergency Management, York University Toronto, Canada
  • Mickey Huff, Professor of Social Science, History and Journalism at Diablo Valley College

  • Peter Beinart, professor, editor-at-Large, Jewish Currents

  • Dr Yara Hawari, AlShabaka: The Palestinian Policy Network

  • Dr Ghada Karmi, academic and writer

  • Professor Nur Masalha, academic

  • María Emilia Tijoux, University of Chile

  • Danika Davey, Sheffield Hallam University

  • Shahd Abusalama, Sheffield Hallam University
  • Bob Jeffery, President of Sheffield TUC

  • David Miller, Spinwatch
  • Dr Brooke Maddux, psychiatrist

  • Dr Hilary Lester, psychoanalyst

  • Dr Teresa Bailey, consultant child and adolescent psychotherapist

  • Dr Carolyn Austin, analytical psychologist

  • Dr Pamela Blakelock, group analytic psychotherapist

  • David Mivasair, Rabbi


  • HRH Princess Dana Firas of Jordan, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador

  • Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela, Member of the Parliament of South Africa

  • Hanan Ashrawi, Palestinian political and civil society leader

  • Ronnie Kasrils, Former Minister, South African government

  • Leilani Farha, Human Rights Advocate and former UN Special Rapporteur

  • Mark Seddon, Director for the Centre of UN Studies, former Speechwriter for UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon

  • Jill Stein, politician

  • Chris Williamson, politician

  • Matt Dietsch, Advisor to Bernie Sanders

  • Karim Mussilhy, Vice Chair of Grenfell United

  • Richard Kuper, Labour Party, Jewish Voice for Labour

  • Graham Bash, Political Officer, Jewish Voice for Labour

  • Mike Cushman, Membership Officer, Jewish Voice for Labour

  • Jenny Manson, Co-Chair Jewish Voice for Labour

  • Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, Jewish Voice for Labour

  • Leah Levane, Jewish Voice for Labour

  • Betty Hunter, Honorary President, Palestine Solidarity Campaign

  • Ben Jamal, Director, Palestine Solidarity Campaign

  • Kamel Hawwash, Chair, Palestine Solidarity Campaign

  • Salman Abu Sitta, Founder, Palestine Land Society


  • Mark Ruffalo, actor

  • Anwar Hadid, model

  • Michael Malarkey, actor

  • Guz Khan, comedian and actor

  • Liam Cunningham, actor

  • Maxine Peake, actor

  • Miriam Margolyes, actor

  • Julie Christie, actor

  • Farah Nabulsi, filmmaker

  • Asif Kapadia, filmmaker

  • John Pilger, filmmaker and journalist

  • Mike Leigh, director

  • Ken Loach, director

  • James Schamus, filmmaker

  • Caryl Churchill, playwright

  • Nazeem Hussein, comedian
  • Billy Dib, athlete
  • Ishtar Azzawi, athlete
  • Charlotte Regan, director

  • Aminah Musa (PaliRoots), entrepreneur 

  • Antony Loewenstein, author and filmmaker

  • Aymen Hamdouchi, actor

  • Mim Shaikh, broadcaster and actor

  • Alfreda Benge, artist

  • Jordan Robinson, filmmaker

  • Zekaria al-Bostani (Zek Snaps), photographer

  • Elliot Hensford, creative director and photographer

  • Charlie Sarsfield, director

  • Chirolles Khalil, director


  • Roger Waters, musician

  • Ana Tijoux, musician

  • FredWreck, producer

  • Brian Eno, musician

  • UB40, music group
  • Charlie Sloth, DJ

  • Wretch 32, musician

  • Professor Green, musician
  • M Huncho, musician
  • Immortal Technique, musician

  • Primal Scream, band
  • Styles P, musician

  • Ghetts, musician

  • Avelino, musician

  • Akala, musician

  • Greentea Peng, musician
  • K Koke, musician

  • Bu Kolthoum, musician

  • Maverick Sabre, musician 

  • Nadine Shah, musician
  • Sean Kuti, musician

  • Peter Gabriel, musician

  • Marianne Faithful, musician

  • 47soul, music group

  • Big Hass, radio host and Arabic hip-hop blogger

  • Mic Righteous, musician

  • Yassin Alsalman (Narcy), musician

  • Khxled Siddiq, musician

  • Freek, musician

  • Tamer Nafar, musician

  • Mr Hudson, musician

  • The Last Skeptik, musician
  • Sama Abdulhadi, DJ

  • K Salaam, musician

  • Tunde Adebimpe, musician

  • Thurston Moore, musician

  • Robert Wyatt, musician

  • Blay Vision, musician

  • Dexplicit, producer


  • Andrew Feinstein, former South African ANC politician and anti-Apartheid activist

  • Cornel West, philosopher & political activist 

  • Mohammed el-Kurd, journalist and activist

  • Muna el-Kurd, journalist and activist

  • Abby Martin, journalist and filmmaker

  • Mike Prysner, journalist and filmmaker

  • Glenn Greenwald, journalist

  • Aaron Maté, journalist

  • Katie Halper, journalist

  • Yasha Levine, journalist

  • Ben Norton, journalist

  • Mark Ames, journalist

  • Max Blumenthal, journalist

  • Chris Hedges, journalist 

  • Nora Barrows-Friedman, journalist

  • Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, journalist

  • Mark Curtis, Editor at DeClassified UK

  • Zeina Ashrawi Hutchison, human rights activist

  • Leanne Mohamad, activist

  • Jackie Walker, activist

  • Huwaida Arraf, civil/human rights attorney and activist

  • Miko Peled, activist and author 

  • Mnar Adley, journalist

  • Asa Winstanley, journalist 

  • Alan MacLeod, journalist

  • Alexander Rubinstein, journalist

  • Dima Khatib, journalist

  • Doug Henwood, journalist

  • Mira Bar-Hillel, journalist

  • Victoria Brittain, Journalist

  • Jennine Khalik, media producer and journalist

  • Medea Benjamin, peace campaigner

  • Huda Ammori (Palestine Action), activist

  • Majed Abusalama, researcher and activist

  • Abier Khatib, activist


  • Naomi Klein, author and activist

  • Noura Erakat, human rights attorney and author

  • Ahdaf Soueif, writer

  • Hoda Katebi, writer and activist

  • Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan, poet and activist

  • Alya Mooro, author

  • Hussain Manawer, poet, writer and mental health advocate

  • Vijay Prashad, writer and activist

  • Susan Abulhawa, novelist

  • Mostafa Salameh, polar adventurer and writer


  • Jewish Voice for Peace

  • DoubleDownNews

  • Africa4Palestine, Johannesburg

  • Palestine Solidarity Campaign

  • CAGE
  • PaliRoots

  • European Legal Support Centre

  • Stop The War Coalition

  • Hope For Humanity UK

  • C-Town Chatter Magazine

  • Nataal Media, Magazine
  • Love Music Hate Racism

  • QMUL Friends of Palestine

  • UCL Students for Justice in Palestine Society

  • Aston Palestine Society

  • Brunel Students for Palestine

  • City Friends of Palestine

  • University of Sheffield Palestine Society

  • Goldsmiths for Palestine

  • University of Essex Palestinian Solidarity Society

  • University of Birmingham Students for Justice in Palestine

  • Sheffield Hallam University Palestine Society

  • Warwick Action for Palestine

  • University of Westminster Friends of Palestine

  • University of Nottingham Palestinian Society

  • London School of Economics Palestine Society

  • LivPal Student Solidarity Group

  • SOAS Palestine Society

  • Manchester Metropolitan University Students for Justice in Palestine

121 people signed this week
Signatures: 45,188Next Goal: 50,000
121 people signed this week