Cancel The Emily Dickinson EP

Cancel The Emily Dickinson EP

February 28, 2021
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Started by Rylie Zarkuf

Austin Mulka recently put out an EP: “This is My Message to the World” which is supposedly based on the poetry of Emily Dickinson—{HIS} favorite poet. 

The “supposed” English major from The University of Michigan (The Ann Arbor Alumni list showed no mention of his attendance—let alone graduation) essentially stole the genius poetry of the great Dickinson and used it for his own personal agenda. 

in a day and age where straight white men already benefit handily for their privilege, it’s honestly pretty sad that a straight, white, man had to steal song lyrics from a non-cis woman of a time when women had very little rights. 

On top of literally stealing the lyrics, which is for some God-awful reason protected under copyright due to expiration (I checked), the music itself isn’t even good and, like honestly, it’s an embarrassment to Dickinson and everything she stood for. Every song is like a different genre of music, it lacks ant continuity which is like very basic for an album and the production is too complicated with lots of noises and extra stuff thrown in. I don’t know how to describe the songs, they are just WEIRD. Aside from the point, that even if the songs were good what he did is basically stealing and has no original thought.

He’s not very popular (rightfully so) so it should be super easy to shut him down before he gets started. 

again, it’s “technically” legal for him to use the lyrics, so I say the best way to really stop this is to just leave 1 (or 0 if possible) star reviews, negative reviews, down votes, and negative comments on his social media and music pages. You don’t have to comment, just leave a 1 star review, and if you do comment just say he stole all of his work from a woman because he has no talent. 

This is the link to his Facebook page:!/austinmulkamusic/?ref=bookmarks

this is a link to one of the songs from the EP on YouTube:

(the rest of songs aren’t on YouTube yet) 


And the CD on Amazon: This Is My Message to the World (Pt. 1 Life)

I haven't put negative reviews up yet because I have been typing this out and thinking exactly what to say but I plan on plastering him with negative reviews on all socials within the next couple of days. I don’t have Facebook only tumblr and Twitter but i will do his other socials. 

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Signatures: 8Next Goal: 10
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