Raise minimum pay for Artists to a penny per stream!

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Streaming platforms have been racking up billions in Ad revenue and subscriptions generated by the songs of independent artists while at the same time only paying them roughly 0.003¢ per stream. This means that if an artist were able to get 1 million streams in a year they would have an annual salary of $3000. Sadly most independent artist struggle to generate even 5000 streams annually. This means that at the current pay rate of 0.003 ( Less than a penny) most artists will make less than $16 by the end of a year. However If an artist were to make just 1¢ per stream that $16 would then become $50. Not enough to make it through a year right? BUT if an artist were able to reach that 1 million stream mark they would then have an annual salary of $10,000, still pathetic lol but enough to get by. This is a call to action to help raise the current pay rate to 1¢ per stream as anything less doesn’t exist in actuality and further makes such a payout unjust.