Remove Garry Galley from Montreal Canadiens broadcasts

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Sports commentators should be impartial as to the team they are rooting for in a particular game. Commentators are supposed to report the action and give background information on players and teams. They should not indicate which team they prefer. That detracts from the viewer's enjoyment of the game.

Being impartial as a sports commentator is the number one rule of the role. It is very unprofessional to exhibit bias while commentating on a sports game. Everyone has a favorite, but in the role of commentator it is so vital to show impartiality at all times

Therein Lies The Problem with Garry Galley. Not only does he lack impartiality, his audible disdain for the Montreal Canadiens is painfully evident to those who tune in to watch. One would argue that if you WERE going to allow impartiality, you would favour a CANADIAN team if you are  a CANADIAN broadcast company like Sportsnet!

Canadiens fans have taken it upon themselves to find alternatives to listening to Galley. Fans have muted their TV's, synced the TV broadcast with the preferable radio broadcast, or watching it in French, even when in many cases some fans don't even understand the language. All of these options are deemed to be an upgrade on a broadcast that includes Garry Galley.

Sportsnet should CARE about their target audience.  Montreal Canadiens fans do NOT want Galley calling their games. Galley has played for LA, Washington, Boston, Philadelphia, Buffalo, and the Islanders. Let him call those games. There are MORE than enough capable and impartial commentators to take his place that won't have your viewers tuning out. I am sure the people dropping money to advertise on Sportsnet would agree.