The left can say anything without consequence. Don Cherry fired but Jess Allen is not. Why

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What the political establishment has done to Don Cherry is an absolute disgrace.

Rogers fires a Canadian Icon for saying You People who don't wear a poppy.

Yet Jess Allen says completely unacceptable, racist and bigoted views about an entire race of White boys being bullies and not very nice.

Not only does she get the chance to back pedal and apologize, she remains employed.

Today it's no clearer the complete hypocrisy the political left and elites hold over conservatives voices.

We Must Fight Back, We Must Stand Up, We Must Not Give Up Our Freedom! If you agree with me, please sign my petition and share it with like minded Canadian Patriots who Stand with Don Cherry.

I personally hope Don Cherry doesn't go back to the liberal globalist cesspool that is Rogers Sportsnet and CBC. But Canadians must fight for what is right, and it's clear most Canadians stand firmly with Coach's Corner.

Let's show our support for a great Canadian Icon, and an amazing Canadian Patriot. One who has never been afraid to show support for our fallen troops, and those who still serve.

I stand with Don Cherry, Do You?

Sign this petition, or create your own to show your own support.

Defund the CBC, and boycott Sportsnet.