Bring in more money and encouragement to sports other than cricket.

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I am compelled to raise this issue here after reading the following post on Facebook with photo of the sports person. 


Message from Vandana Bangera

On my flight this morning I noticed a young girl wearing a tracksuit with India Tricolor on it.
Couldn't resist speaking to her . So after landing , at the conveyor belt I approached her and asked what sport was she representing India for .
She said Ice Skating and she was returning from Belarus with a Bronze medal at European open Championship .

I felt sad to see that this young girl who had brought Laurel to our country had just her driver to welcome her at the Arrival .

At the same time , felt proud that India is making a mark in the world in a sport not so popular in India.

Her name is Nithya Ramesh .
Wishing you all the Best for your future .
May you bring more laurels to our Country .

Very sad state of affairs. Done action by the sports minister who was encouraged in his sports by his employer should take it up and help new persons. Why cannot funding and encouraging sports be made a CSR of corporate bodies specially BCCi which itself is said to be Corporate entity.