Sanction BCN Sports and their Executives!

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By now, many of you are aware of the scandal that has surfaced around BCN Sports and their actions during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have not been made fully aware, we invite you to visit the link provided to familiarize yourself.

The actions of BCN Sports Services Canada Inc. & BCN Sports Anz Pty Ltd. have decimated family trust in the FC Barcelona and Barca Academy brands. The owners and executives of BCN Sports are allegedly responsible for bilking millions of dollars from families in three countries and two continents.

As the governing bodies, families are looking to you to stand united with them and publicly condemn the actions of Francisco “Patxi” Cervera, Stephen Tung, and the executives of BCN Sports.

In addition to the censure, we plead that your organizations take steps to ensure that the unethical and immoral conduct of these individuals are never again perpetrated on families. We ask that you sanction the executives of BCN Sports, and impose an immediate suspension on them from all sports associated activities pending a thorough inquiry and investigation into their actions. Should the investigation confirm acts of misconduct and/or illegal activities, the suspension would be removed and replaced with a lifetime ban from participating, in any capacity, with sports related activities within your jurisdictions. The sanction should also include a ban from any member organizations from doing business with the executives of this company or any company owned and/or operated by them, such as (but not limited to) BCN Sports Holdings Corp., BCN Sports International Inc., Avanza Sports Management Inc., Avanza Sports Management S.L., THP Capital Inc., 2463485 Ontario Inc., Premier Academy League, and Atlas Sports Management Pty.

Under the direction of it’s executives (Francisco 'Patxi' Cervera, Stephen Tung, Victor Berenguer, Edgar Chandre, Alex Knape, Enric Castellanos and Marcos Martinez), BCN Sports received millions of dollars from families and upon pressure for refunds, claimed they intended to voluntarily file for insolvency.  The deception allegedly perpetrated by these individuals displays a contempt for every Code of Ethics and Conduct that your organizations adhere to. Allowing these actions to go unanswered would be a further victimization of the affected families.

The families understand that your organizations may not be able assist with the recovery of funds. However we do know that you have the ability to inform your members and to pass judgements on offenses against your codes of conduct.  BCN Sports Services and, by association, their executives operated within your spheres of influence and affected hundreds of children and families directly involved in the leagues that fall into your jurisdictions. The seriousness of the offenses demand that steps be taken to ensure that no one is ever put into a position to be compromised by these individuals ever again.

We sincerely look forward to your reply and support.


Victims of BCN Sports and the undersigned.